Monday, May 23, 2005

First ObjectARX for Dummies Contest


I have some good news for you.
Recently came to my mind an idea to promote a contest for you but I thought it will much more interesting if I can offer some prizes.

The contest will go live after I present the class about custom entities and it will be about AutoCAD 2006 new features. Users will create ObjectARX samples using at least one of the new AutoCAD 2006 features. The prizes will be:

1st place: An AutoCAD 2006 NFR (Not for resale) full copy + Visual Assist X
2nd place: An AutoCAD 2006 NFR (Not for resale) full copy

The AutoCAD 2006 NFR copies will be provided by Autodesk (thanks to Shaan Hurley) and the copy of Visual Assist X will be provided by Whole Tomato software (thanks to Jeff).

All samples submitted by users will be made available at this site and the winners will be chosen by me and two additional people (I trying one people from Autodesk and one AutoCAD author).

Samples will be judged by its creativity and innovation. Remember that the contest is about AutoCAD 2006 new features and they must be the most important feature of your samples.

For now, start to study the ObjectARX 2006 SDK and how to use the its new features.
Stay tuned for the official contest start, rules and agreements.



JC GAY said...

Great !

sounds good, hope you'll get lots of people interested in that. Unfortunatly i won't participate as I'm only using AutoCAD 2004 and don't know at all the 2006 version.

Good luck to evryone that will whish to participate.

Jean-Christophe Gay, FRANCE

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's great idea to have a contest on ObjectARX, but can we start from say Release 2000 onwards, cause we are all very new to ObjectARX and need to learn more from ground-zero,


Fernando Malard said...


The Contest was created exactly to explore the brand new features of 2006 version. The submited applications will be judge by its creativity and not by complexity.

ObjectARX 2006 SDK comes with some samples that will help you to start and from this point you can add your personal programming skills.

Maybe next time we may create an open Contest allowing any kind of ObjectARX application.

Kindest Regards,

Anonymous said...

I have been doing a lot of programming with VBA for Autocad, this would give me some incentive to dive into programming with ObjectARX for a change.