Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Debug AutoCAD 2007 from VS2005 on Windows Vista


After some research I have tried to Debug AutoCAD 2007 again but this time starting the Visual Studio 2005 with "Run as Administrator" feature. Now I'm able to Debug AutoCAD 2007 from VS2005.

More tips to come as soon as I figure out them... :)

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ObjectARX & Windows Vista


I have migrated to Windows Vista Ultimate and would like to share some problems / workaround I have made so far.

The first issue you will face is related to Visual Studio. Windows Vista supports partially (VS2005) and do not natively support previous versions. As I have several projects running on AutoCAD 2005 and 2006 (they require VS2002 to compile) I need a way to run then from inside Windows Vista. I have then remembered the good old Microsoft Virtual PC which is now free and has a new release 2007.

I have downloaded and installed (Virtual PC 2007). After that I have then created a new virtual machine with Windows XP PRO SP2 and then installed AutoCAD 2005, 2006 and VS2002. Of course my machine helps a lot because it runs an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and has 2Gb RAM. The Virtual PC 2007 runs well but it causes some erratic mouse moves and some small locks. Unsatisfied with that I then go to the Google and find out a great tip about how to improve Virtual PC 2007 performance adding a new parameter to its (XML configuration file). After changed this it runs fast and without any erractic mouse moves. (Thanks to Jeff Lynch)

Regarding to AutoCAD 2007 and Windows Vista at the beginning I was unable to run it. As I'm new to Vista I have found a command when you right click on the application "Run as Administrator". This did the trick and now I'm able to open AutoCAD but I'm still unable to Debug or Attach to Process on Vista. This is not the proper solution once Autodesk already told us about some issues related with Vista and will release soon a Service Pack to AutoCAD 2007 and LT 2007:

AutoCAD 2007 and LT 2007

AutoCAD 2008: It will be released soon and some good information about its integration with Windows Vista can be found here:

AutoCAD 2008

(Thanks to Shaan Hurley)

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