Thursday, December 25, 2014


Here are my AU 2014 class material posted to Autodesk University website:

SD4865 : AutoCAD, JavaScript, and the Cloud
SD4861 : Creating AutoCAD Cross-Platform Plug-ins
SD4871 : Creating Professional Plug-ins for Autodesk Exchange Store

If you prefer to download the files directly, here is the Google Drive folder URL:

Hope you enjoy!
Best regards.


oscar serpa said...

Hi Fernando:
Do you have videos showing these conferences?? it would be awesome to have access to classes like that.
Thanks and regards,


Fernando Malard said...

Hi Oscar,

Unfortunately they didn't record these sessions.
I will repeat all of them this year in Las Vegas so maybe they will record one or two.


Tauqeer Ahmad said...

Hi there, I am a fresh graduate software engineer with working in a Chinese company who are making the objectARX for autocad using C++. I would like to ask you that if you have more meterial of objectARX please let me know, and any suggestions that how to master this work.Thanks

Fernando Malard said...

Hi Tauqeer,

There are good classes on AU website, just register yourself there and search for ObjectARX.
Further, there are a couple of other Blogs with rich content about it:

Hope you enjoy!


akmal niazi khan said...

Programming is very interesting and creative thing if you do it with love. Your blog code helps a lot to beginners to learn programming from basic to advance level. I really love this blog because I learn a lot from here and this process is still continuing.
Love from Pro Programmer

Fernando Malard said...

Thank you akmal.