Saturday, May 07, 2005

Call for user samples


I have received some messages from users about their samples and I would like to invite all users to post their samples at this Blog. This is a great opportunity to show yourself to other users and share your great ideas to solve common problems.

So, if you would like to do this you will need to proceed as follows:

1) Compact your sample project into a ZIP file (please exclude all Debug \ Release directories and all NCB files). This will reduce the file size significantly. Include a ReadMe.txt file in your sample root folder with the following information:

Author: Your name
Current version: number this version
Release history: list all releases and respective remarks
About this sample: Describe here the sample and what it does, steps to run, limitations, etc.

2) Send your sample and the above information to;

3) As soon as I read your e-mail I will post it on OFCDesk FTP area inside a UserSamples folder.

4) Don't be shame to send codes with errors or with incomplete logic. The main idea is to share your great ideas with others!

I'm waiting for your samples!

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